två studio – ceramics

Sina and Alina make up två studio, a multidisciplinary ceramic design collective based in Münster. It’s an exciting platform for hand built and unique ceramics. With every created object, the studio honors the beauty of imperfection.


year of birth: 1993 & 1995

birthplace: both near Münster

current residence: Münster, Germany

the studio started in 2020

Where did it all begin?

It all began with our friendship. We met for the first time not that long ago, in late summer 2019. We both immediately knew this friendship was made to last

What is the worst advice you’ve heard?

“First think, then do.” Sometimes things only come into being through doing.

Most beautiful moment during the creative process?

That you can literally watch the process. We love the strengths and weakness of clay as a medium and therefore the possibilities of the material. Transforming pure clay into something that is made to last for decades is pure joy.

What doesn’t inspire you?

Mass production and reproducibility.

What are you proud of?

That we launched två studio.

Who would you like to meet or who would you like to work with?

Our dream would be to work with Simone Bodmer Turner one day. She is an incredible inspiration to us.

Favorite material?

Clay of course. The strengths and weakness of clay as a medium and therefore the possibilities of the material.

What would you have done, if not this?

Who knows?! (laughs)

When was your biggest moment of doubt?

Now, because of the pandemic.

Who is your biggest supporter?

Our friends!

What is to you, the most beautiful sentence?

When it scares and excites you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try.

What do you still want to do?

Artistic pieces of furniture made of clay.

Want to see more of två studio?



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