Arianna De Luca – ceramics

Arianna makes very colorful objects.

year of birth: 1986

birthplace: Ascoli Piceno, Italy

current residence: Rome, Italy

came in touch with ceramics and started experimenting with them in 2017/2018.

Where did it all begin?

I worked for many years as an interior designer between the UK (where I used to live) and Italy, and a little bit in South America. When I moved back to Italy I felt that it was time to start experimenting more with materials. Back then I was very fascinated with ceramics.

My hometown is close to Castelli, a so called “ceramic village”, one of those villages with a huge ceramic heritage. So I started learning with local artisans, following their methods. Initially, I just used ceramics as a way to complement my interior projects, producing bespoke products and decorations that could enrich the spaces I designed with even more unique details. Later on, as I started to research my own aesthetics and new ways to reflect my own moods more, my ceramic production took a life on its own. Finally, in May 2020 I launched my very first collection.

What is the worst advice you’ve heard?

To not take risks…

I believe that creativity would not exist if we as creatives didn’t take risks.

Most beautiful moment during the creative process?

Choosing the color palette.

What doesn’t inspire you?

The secret is managing to find inspiration in everything!

What are you proud of?

I am proud of where I am, even though I know there is still a looooot of room for improvement and a looooong way to go. But getting here was already quite tough and hard work so I am proud I made it here and didn’t quit yet. (laughs)

Who would you like to meet or who would you like to work with?

I would have loved to meet and work with Gio Ponti, an Italian architect, industrial designer, furniture designer, artist, teacher, writer and publisher. He died in ’79 so unfortunately I am too late for that.

Favorite material?

Ceramics of course. I love glass too, even though I have never worked with it.

What would you have done, if not this?

Hard to imagine… Maybe travelling. (laughs)

When was your biggest moment of doubt?

Doubts are always there when you take a risk and get out of your comfort zone, but they should not scare you out of doing what you want to do.

Who is your biggest supporter?

I guess my friends, they help me a lot with my work.

Favorite image?

I can’t decide between these two:

What is to you, the most beautiful sentence?

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift”

What do you still want to do?

Workwise I would love to keep going with my ceramics project, keep meeting interesting people through my work and being surprised by new things that could get started.

Where do you work?

Want to see more of Arianna’s work?




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