Anna Rosa Moschouti – jewelry

Anna Rosa is an architect who designs jewelry with sustainability in mind.

Portrait by Studio Leau
Portrait by Studio Leau

year of birth: 1990

birthplace: Athens, Greece

current residence: Antwerp, Belgium

started slowly in 2013 – launched her namesake brand in 2017

Where did it all begin?

In my student apartment in Crete. I loved making things with my hands. Back then I even had a DIY blog where I shared tutorials etc. One day I made a necklace… and the rest is history. (laughs) I’ve been making jewelry ever since.

What is the worst advice you’ve heard?

To be honest I don’t really remember any bad advice. But I’ve gotten a lot of advice that I don’t feel suited me or was relevant to how I want to see my business evolve.

One of the best pieces of advice I heard during the last edition of Fashion Talks in Antwerp was that if you want to develop a strong brand, you must stop listening to every opinion that comes your way and trust your core identity.

Most beautiful moment during the creative process?

When everything falls into place. I work quite chaotically and there rarely is a linear progress in my design process. Usually ideas come to me during the most random moments, so managing to organize my thoughts and translate them into designs is a rollercoaster of emotions, during which I’m not constantly confident about what I’m doing. There is a moment during this process, which can be at the beginning, in the middle or at the end, when the design just makes sense. That’s my favorite moment.

What doesn’t inspire you?


What are you proud of?

I am really proud of building my jewelry business from scratch all by myself, of learning how to make jewelry without any traditional training and of opening my flagship store in Antwerp.

Who would you like to meet or who would you like to work with?

I would love to meet Anna Karlin. She’s a multidisciplinary designer that I really admire.

Favorite material?

I find myself falling in love with a different material from time to time. Right now I love freshwater pearls and gold.

What would you have done, if not this?

I would probably have focused more on interior design or be a creative consultant.

When was your biggest moment of doubt?

Before opening my flagship store in Antwerp. It was the first time I didn’t have the unconditional, full support of my loved ones. They were hesitant about me taking such a leap of faith. Although I normally listen to them, I felt deep inside that it was the right move for me. And I couldn’t be happier that I listened to my gut. It was really one of my biggest dreams to have a flagship store in the heart of Antwerp and now I do! (laughs)

Who is your biggest supporter?

I am so lucky to have many. My boyfriend, my mom, my friends… But on a day to day basis I would say that my two biggest supporters are Ophelia (Ophelia Lingerie) and Alexandra (Plexida Knitwear). They are both solo-preneurs, selling handmade products, and it’s an honour to be exploring this entrepreneurial life together.

Favorite image?

Right now it is the painting ‘Hope of a condemned man (1974)’ by Joan Miró.

What is to you, the most beautiful sentence?

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer”

– Zora Neale Hurston

It’s definitely a quote that resonates with me when I think of 2020.

What do you still want to do?

Recently I lost my grandfather. He was a painter and I inherited his atelier in Athens, Greece. It is my dream to transform his space into my jewelry production atelier. I want to honor him by keeping the creativity alive in the space where he created art until the end of his life. I’m grateful he was so generous to pass it on to me.

Where do you work?

Anna Rosa atelier 1

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